Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's Board of Directors make all strategic short and long term decisions for the organization. Directors serve without compensation or other tangible incentives.


Founder, President, and Executive Director

Paul WatsonPaul is a marine wildlife conservation and environmental activist from Toronto, Canada. Watson was one of the founding members and directors of Greenpeace. In 1977, Watson left Greenpeace and founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Watson has served as Master and Commander on seven different Sea Shepherd ships since 1978 and continues to lead Sea Shepherd campaigns. Alongside his crew he has starred in seven seasons of Animal Planet's television series Whale Wars. 

Watson has received many awards and commendations over the years. In 1996, Watson was awarded an honorary citizenship to the French town of St. Jean Cap Ferrat. Previous to that he was made an honorary citizen of the Florida Keys in 1989. Other awards include Toronto City TV's Environmentalist of the Year Award for 1990, the Genesis Award in 1998, and he was inducted into the U.S. Animal Rights Hall of Fame in 2002. He was also awarded the George H.W. Bush Daily Points of Light Award in 1999 for his volunteer efforts with conservation activism. He was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the environmental heroes of the 20th Century in the year 2000.


Pamela Anderson has dedicated her time and resources to human and animal rights, and environmental protection, and she has bravely fought alongside Sea Shepherd and in defense of ocean species on the frontlines. In the summer of 2014, Pamela traveled to the Faroe Islands to publicly speak about the mass slaughter of pilot whales known as the “grindadráp” or “grind,” and asked Denmark to end its support of this brutal practice. In 2006, the compassionate Canadian native spoke up against the Canadian seal slaughter at the Juno Awards, sparking the strongest protests ever against the barbaric culling. Anderson personally asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to take action to stop an illegal shipment of endangered whale meat from Iceland to Japan, and accepted an invitation from Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Sergei Donskoi to address the East Russian Economic Forum on matters of wildlife protection on behalf of her charitable Pamela Anderson Foundation.

Anderson has justly received many awards and honors, including the Mercy for Animals Sam Simon Award for being a defender of animal rights, and in 2014 was named Grand Dame of Montenegro in recognition of her animal activism. She is also the recipient of the Linda McCartney Memorial Award, presented to her by Sir Paul McCartney, to recognize her dedicated work as a staunch defender of animal rights. Her own charity, the Pamela Anderson Foundation, provides support and funding directly to those organizations on the frontlines protecting and defending the rights of the planet and all those who call it home.

Pritam Singh is an environmental and social activist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and engaged student of religion and philosophy.

In numerous movements and organizations for almost five decades, Singh has worked, supported and affected change to conserve our oceans, protect animals, educate and nurture children, and promote both progressive political change and the transformative power of understanding and compassion.

He currently serves as President of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society having supported Sea Shepherd and its founder Paul Watson for over 25 years. He is a member of the City of Marathon Affordable Housing Task Force, and the President of Rose Apple Society of Contemplative Study. Singh received his Sikh name in 1976 at the Golden Temple in Amritsar India.  He has been a decades long student and collaborator with the renowned Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh assisting him with the editing and publishing of six books and as representative of the Plum Village Community worldwide. He is a member of the Order of Interbeing, and an initiated Buddhist Dharma teacher He was instrumental in the founding of the first Mindfulness Practice Center in the United States, the Mindfulness Training Institute, Maple Forest Monastery and Deer Park Monastery. He also leads his family’s charitable efforts.  He is the Founder and President of the Singh group of companies, which is today the leading hotel, development and management company in Key West and the Florida Keys. The Singh group, founded in 1979, has gained a national reputation for the adaptive reuse of obsolete properties, historic renovation, environmental remediation and award winning design.

Peter Rysman has a long history of community involvement and environmental concerns.  In his hometown, he was President of the Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Gardens for many years.  For eight years he was Chair of a non-profit Hospice organization.  And prior to that he was President of the Key West YMCA.

Peter started volunteering for Sea Shepherd four years ago and currently consults with Sea Shepherd on business and legal matters.  He joined the Board of Directors in December of 2015.

In his younger years, he was an inner-city elementary school teacher and later an organic farmer.

Peter Rysman has over forty years experience as both an attorney and as a businessman.  He has owned and/or operated residential and hotel development projects, a general construction company, a subcontracting company, apartment and hotel operations, shopping center operations and a real estate management and sales company.


Sea Shepherd Conversation Society has been part of Tambrey Laine’s life as far back as she can remember and joining the Board of Directors in December, 2015 was an honor and a privilege.

A graduate of The University of South Florida’s School of Mass Communications with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast News, Tambrey has over a decade of experience in television news anchoring, writing, producing and management – leading one Florida news team to a Sun Coast Emmy Nomination.

In addition to her passion for journalism, Tambrey has always had a love for the ocean and all its creatures. Her uncle, Captain Paul Watson, founded Sea Shepherd and the cause has always been close to her heart.  A campaign veteran, Tambrey handled media duties in the Faroe Islands for Operation GrindStop in the summer of 2014.  She has also written and produced several Sea Shepherd Conservation Society videos highlighting our volunteers and the tireless work they do protecting and conserving our oceans.

Tambrey continues to consult for Sea Shepherd in media matters and is also a Public Communications Specialist for the county where she lives on Florida’s West Coast.

directors_Farley_MowatFARLEY MOWAT
During his lifetime (1921 – 2014), author Farley Mowat was Canada's Living Treasure. A naturalist and expert on indigenous people, he has penned many masterpieces, among them are Never Cry Wolf , A Whale For The Killing , and Sea of Slaughter. Unfortunately, we lost this wonderful friend and conservationist on May 7, 2014. His body returned to the Earth but his spirit lives on within all of us at Sea Shepherd. RIP dear friend.
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